Careful planning has gone into creating the Flanders Woods Condominium community. Mark Lavitt, the developer has owned the property for 35 years. During that time, his intentions were always to be a good steward of the land. Toward that goal, he has retained the services of a Professional Forester to help manage its health and beauty. Today, there is almost a mile of Walking Trails that wend thru the beautiful mixed evergreen/deciduous forest.

The site has a gentle slope to the Southeast, which affords ideal opportunities for each of the 16 homes in the community to be designed with a home that is in harmony with the landscape. The 5 different model homes that are offered at Flanders Woods have been designed purposefully with this harmony in mind. Exactly what does harmony between the landscape and architecture mean? Landscape architecture recognizes and understands the trees and plant life around us and their relationship to land forms and how they are impacted by the forces of nature. Architecture deals pretty much with the design and details of the home, itself. Our goal at Flanders Woods is to take a site that is pristine and nearly ideal in its undeveloped state and blend the landscape and architecture very sensitively. Our goal will become apparent with an attractive community that pays dividends in energy savings for those who live here year after year.

Planned Energy Savings through Prudent Design: Here in the Northeast, there are certain climatic factors that we recognize and keep uppermost in mind, when choosing a home for a specific site. For instance, we know that soon after Labor Day, the gentle summer breezes will give way to the prevailing northwest winter winds. Our winter weather patterns here in Connecticut are influenced to a large degree by the Great Lakes. We also know that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West and is much lower in the sky during the colder months. We chose a site with a gentle southeasterly slope with that in mind. One of the information sheets you will receive has an illustrated drawing that gives a more detailed explanation of how we do our home siting and house layout to be in harmony with the forces of nature to maximize heating and cooling benefits in your new home. Our objective is to bring the cheery, warm, low angle sunlight into your new home to lower your heating demands, during the winter months and prevent the extreme heat from ever getting into your home in the summer time.